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Canada Goose Jackets “It’s the getting up to their level. We weren’t close to it. We can’t expect the special teams to perform at a high level if we’re not doing it five on five.”Indeed, this was as lopsided as a 3 1 game gets.The Blue Jackets were up 12 4 on the shot clock after one period and 25 12 after two Canada Goose Outlet, but it was only led 2 1 on power play goals from Cam Atkinson and William Karlsson (Oscar Klefbom replied for the Oilers), thanks to an overworked Cam Talbot.Though the Oilers spent most of the night on the ropes, the game was still up for grabs in the third period Canada Goose Sale, when Oilers winger Benoit Pouliot threw a puck across the middle of his own zone, right on the tape of Jackets winger Nick Foligno buy-canadagoose, who walked in alone and made it 3 1 at 2:45.The Jackets aren’t a team that needs a lot of help, so giving them a free one was fatal for the Oilers.”It was a gift,” said McLellan Canada Goose Jackets.